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Advantage Hearing is a multi-distributor of hearing devices. We represent the best hearing aid manufacturers in the industry. Not only do we provide major name brand products, we also carry a small line of products we are proud to call Advantage.  

In order to provide the best technology, our highly trained staff attends yearly trade events and training seminars to bring the best products and technology to your ears. Here are just a few technological components helping people overcome hearing impairment.
SoundRecover by Phonak
Primary among the innovations is the introduction of SoundRecover technology to users with all
degrees of hearing loss. Many people experience difficulty understanding speech and enjoying music
and the sounds of nature because they do not hear well in the high frequency ranges. SoundRecover
compresses and shifts high frequencies, expanding audibility to include the full spectrum of sounds.
This enables wearers to once again enjoy all the sounds of life: conversation in a restaurant, children
laughing, music playing, birds singing and the whisper of a loved one. 88% of users report that SoundRecover
is the most important feature of their Phonak.
Ambra by Phonak
Phonak was first to introduce zoom technology to enhance hearing in challenging hearing situations. The Phonak Ambra makes zooming even more effective by mimicking the way sound is perceived and heard.
Exclusive Phonak Ambra technology allows three levels of zooming:

In noisy situations with several people facing you, UltraZoom
automatically zooms in on their voices. Noise from the side
and back is reduced.

In an extremely noisy situation where you want to communicate 
with just one person, StereoZoom can zoom in even closer and
reduce noise even further.

Auto ZoomControl
When you cannot easily face the speaker, e.g. in a car, Auto ZoomControl can zoom to either side and backwards for improved hearing.

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