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ProStalker Elite
ProStalker Elite is the Ultimate in hearing enhancement and protection! This system incorporates a four channel, high fidelity, digital circuit with up to four independent memory settings. This allows the shooter or hunter to program four independent settings for different hunting and shooting situations. This system also has a manual volume control for user preference. Get the ultimate in hearing technology for a savings of over 50% from major competitors.
ProStalker Advantage
ProStalker Noise Blocker
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Prostalker Electronic Devices
Prostalker Advantage incorporates the same digital technology as the Elite minus two channels of processing. This two channel system also has the capability of having four independent memory settings for four different shooting situations. This system has a manual volume control for user preference. Save BIG with the ProStalker Advantage!
Want the Ultimate Protection from Noise? ProStalker Noise Blockers are custom made in our lab (from medical grade silicone) to totally seal the ear canal from loud noise. These molds can also be used for swimming, shooting, industrial machines, aircraft, and any environment requiring protection from exposure to loud noise. Get the Ultimate in Hearing Protection!
$399.00 single
All ProStalker Electronic Devices come with one year warranty from date of purchase. Call 864-436-1536 for special pricing and incentives.
Advantage Surveillance Ear 
This unique hearing sysytem is extremely small allowing it to fit completely in the ear canal. This system can be made in a custom shell or a standard one size-fit-all configuration. Surveillance ear is intended to be used with a neck loop system allowing the user to transmitt audio wirelessly from a hand held radio or cell phone directly to the hearing device. Great for S.W.A.T teams, Tactical Law Enforcement Teams, and Millitary use. *Neck loop sold as separate unit.*
4 Channel With Memory Button
2 Channel With Memory Button
Non-Custom - $189.00 Each
Custom         - $250.00 Each