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Advantage Hearing Testimonials
Advantage Hearing Center takes special care to understand the unique needs and desires of every patient to design custom hearing solutions that exceed expectations. 

We are proud of the success we've achieved and would like to share these testimonials from our clients:
Francis W., Engineering
"Advantage Hearing not only conducts extensive hearing evaluations to effectively determine the types of hearing loss people suffer from, but, more importantly, they understand how to match the correct hearing devices to suit the needs, lifestyle, and budget characteristics of every patient. Advantage Hearing has definitely improved my quality of life by giving me the Hearing Advantage!"
Karen A., Administration
"For years I struggled to hear and understand many of my colleagues in the workplace and social settings. My hearing impairment was hindering my job performance and ability to understand in important meetings and one on one. Thanks to Advantage Hearing, I now have the Hearing Advantage and can hear and understand even in the most challenging situation."
Charles M., Retired
"I have been wearing hearing aids for most of my adult life. Even with my hearing aids, I struggled to hear and understand my wife when in a noisy restaurant. This is something my wife and I thought we had to accept as a result of my severe hearing impairment. Now that I have the Hearing Advantage, I am able to carry on a normal conversation with my wife even in most noisy restaurants. Thanks Advantage Hearing!"
"I've known Micheal for many years... I have severe hearing loss, and I have to say that Micheal has been a great friend and true professional in addressing my hearing difficulties. His integrity is without reproach, and he really knows his stuff. Thanks, Micheal, for giving me the Hearing Advantage!"
Sid T., Executive
"I have been a hearing aid user for most of my adult life. In fact, this is my third set of hearing aids. I cannot imagine life without corrective amplification. Before being fitted with hearing aids I lived life isolated from all the wonderful sounds I find so near and dear to my heart, i.e., my wife, grandchildren, friends, family, and all the wonderful sounds in nature. At first, wearing hearing aids took some time getting used to. However, I was determined to rehabilitate myself through the process. I'm so glad I stayed the course. I have seen first hand how technology in hearing aids has drastically improved over the years. With the latest technology at Advantage Hearing, I have been able to experience a drastic improvement in my ability to hear and understand in noise. I love the fact that open fit technology is so easy to wear I don't even know I'm wearing hearing aids. In fact, my doctor didn't even notice I was wearing hearing aids when she attempted to take my temp via an ear thermometer. I had to stop her so I could remove them. She was amazed at how inconspicuous they were. The best part of my experience with hearing aids is the friendly staff and exceptional service I receive at Advantage Hearing. I recommend all my family and friends who need help with their hearing to do like I did and go see the fine staff at Advantage Hearing. You will be happy you did."
James H.
"I am so glad a friend introduced me to Advantage Hearing Center and Micheal McCroskey. I tried 2 different hearing aids from ENT doctors to no avail. I returned both sets at a great loss of money. They did not help me at all. I can now hear better than I ever could with my new hearing aids from Advantage Hearing. The new 3D technology is wonderful. I have sent a couple of friends to him and they are highly satisfied also. Thanks, Micheal, for giving us the Hearing Advantage!
Doris M.
Eleanor D.
"I purchased my first set of hearing aids through a big box retailer here in the Upstate. After many failed attempts at adjusting them to where I could hear well and months of frustration, I finally decided to return them. To my disappointment, I only received 25% of my total investment back. Thinking I could save money by going to a big box retailer, I ended up losing money. Still needing a solution to my hearing problem, I heard about Advantage Hearing through my insurance provider. Not only can I hear perfectly through my new hearing aids but I’m also treated like family. Thank you Advantage Hearing for giving me back my quality of life through better hearing. I can honestly say I have the Hearing Advantage!"